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This is 1ltr of AquaSparkle concentrate liquid paper cartridge cleaner.

For cleaning Hot Tub and Swimming Pool cartridge filter elements.  Debris and grease can quickly accumulate on filter cartridges, impairing performance. Spa Cartridge Cleaner is used to remove oils and greases from spa cartridge filters, restoring filtration efficiency.

Simply, Hose off your filter, Fill a plastic bucket with water, Add 1 litre of cartridge cleaner for every 20 litres of water to the bucket, Soak overnight for at least 8 hours then rinse with fresh water.  If you need new filters contact us now or look in the shop.

Good stuff. Good price and works well,what more can i say ? ...

Rated by Ian Hazell

Excellent product, does exactly what it says on the box. Next day delivery, cannot be a better service. ...

Rated by Geoff Martin

Great product and easy to use Just put your filter in bucket of water add the filter cleaner as directed ...

Rated by David McFarland

I have used this product before and it seems to work fine. Easy to order and arrived next day. Perfect! ...

Rated by Jim Beechey
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