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Hot Tub Bromine Granules - 1kg

Spa Bromine Granules are used for controlling bacteria in spa water.

They are highly effective granules used for sanitation and algae control of spa water. The granules are relatively PH neutral.

Our customers find these very useful to use alongside bromine tablets.

This can be used in hot tubs as a Bromine-based shock treatment, simply shock, then let flush through the system.

Easy to use and sorted out my low bromine problem. Tablets were not doing the job on their own. ...

Rated by Nicola Jackson

Super quick delivery, well packaged and just the job ...

Rated by Peter Budd

Started using this product after refilling the hot tub. No need to use bromine tablets, especially as my hot tub ...

Rated by Leslie Madell

Quick delivery. Well packed. As expected. Nothing more to say. ...

Rated by Robert Moore