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The tablets work very well in my hot tub. Fast delivery and always well packaged. Would definitely recommend.

Rated by Sarah Kinnane

This product is simple to use and virtually odourless. I have had 15 years experience maintaining hot tubs and this product is best one I've used for keeping the water looking clear and fresh. It does though require diligently putting a tablet in a dispenser float every day as part of the maintenance program. Having said that, I went away on holiday leaving my home tub turned off for a week and was able to simply restart the maintenance program on return without problem.

Rated by Peter Measures

Excellent product if your children have skin complaints as it is gentle on their skin! Good customer feedback when purchasing and arrives within 2 days!

Rated by David Warbrick

Great product. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Happy hot tub days.

Rated by Kim Murray

Great service fast delivery and good price. website easy to use.

Rated by Gaynor Brown

Wow - so fast! we nearly ran out of O2 tablets, but luckily I was able to order these from Happy Hot Tubs and get them in my holiday apartment next day, ready for an unexpected last minute booking. The O2 tablet and combination A liquid sanitising solution is our preferred approach to caring for the hot tub's water quality as it is more gentle than chlorine or bromine and makes for a more pleasant bathing experience for our guests.

Rated by Diane Board
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