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7ft / 2133mm Thermal Solar Spa Blanket

Thermal Spa Blankets are one of the best little investments any hot tub owner can make. These advanced floating covers very quickly pay for themselves by conserving heat.

  • Reduces heat loss due to evaporation by up to 95%
  • Provides a layer of insulation in addition to your spa cover
  • Helps prevent spa cover water absorption
  • Extends life of hard spa cover
  • Handy handle and bag so you can store away when the spa isn't in use
  • 400 micron

By keeping hot tub surface evaporation to a minimum, less moisture and chemicals will come in contact with the underside of your hard spa cover, prolonging its longevity and helping to prevent water-logging, the leading cause of cover failure.

The Thermal Blanket is 7ft. square and can be easily trimmed to fit any spa shape. The blanket should be laid bubble side down onto your hot tub water for maximum effectiveness. The cover works by sunlight heating the air that is trapped within the small bubbles, this heat is then transferred to the water. The cover also traps heat in the hot tub so the water will retain heat for longer, and prevents evaporation of water and chemicals.

The advanced Thermo-Bubble material is chemical resistant and designed to lay flat on the hot tub water surface for maximum effectiveness.


To watch how to cut a thermal blanket to size please view our helpful video below:



fast delivery and so easy to fit, let's see how much I save on my next quarter ...

Rated by Leigh Ivory

Great product this is my second blanket they help retain heat lose and main thing protects your hot tub lid ...

Rated by Matthew skelton

this item has certainly helped in keeping spa pool warm and reduced my electric bill. ...


Much sturdier than i expected so hoping it will last longer than the cheap one (£17) i got from amazon. This ...

Rated by steven barclay