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4 Pack Tri-x Hot Spring Filter PWK30 Replacement

4 x Tri-X Filters 

This Filter Is a High Quality Replacement and Revolutionises Spa Filtering And Maintenance.

This Official Watkins HotSpring Filter Can replace the standard PWK30. The Watkins Tri-X filter is 3-dimensional to more effectively filtrate by depth and surface, creating a longer time between cleaning cycles.

Each ceramic fibre Tri-X filter provides 65 square feet of filtration.

Fits All HotSpring Highlife Spas.

The unique design enables it to filter twice the water per minute than a common filter. You don’t have to clean it as often either!

Dishwasher safe! No soap. No drying cycle, These Filters Really Make Maintaining a Hot Tub a lot Easier. (No more spraying off your filters outside in the dead of Winter!).

Spa make/models that this filter fits...

Hot Spring - 

  • Fits Every HotSpring Hot Tub
  • Hotspot Round (Year 1998+)
  • Hotspot Square (Year 1998+)

Measurements :

Top Diameter :  6'' (152mm)

Length : 10 1/2'' (267mm)

Top Hole : 2 1/16'' (66mm)

Bottom Hole: 2 1/16'' (6mm)

Media (Sq. Feet): 65