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2kg Multifunctional Chlorine Tablets 200g - Great Quality.

These multifunctional chlorine tablets are used for the disinfection of your swimming pool and for controlling bacteria and algae. These high performance tablets can be placed into your pool skimmer, floating dispenser or automatic inline feeder.

The tablets contain a high chlorine level and slowly erode over a 3-5 day period depending on water flow in your swimming pool.

Specifically, these multifunctional tablets contain algaecide to help prevent algae in the long term. Clarifier, which simply ensures your pool water is crystal clear. And a pool stabiliser (Cyanuric Acid), which helps prevent the loss of chlorine to sunlight. By purchasing these you are saving the cost of buying these other chemicals, which are included within the tablet itself.

Buy multifunctional and save on the costs of other pool water treatment products.

The tablets are PH neutral, meaning they have little affect on PH levels, keeping your pool well balanced and soft on skin.


Can i crush up these tablets and use them as granules? No, these tablets are specfically designed to slowly erode over a period of time within your swimming pool, crushing them up could pose a health risk as chlorine must be treated with great care. We stock a range of chlorine granules.

Can i place them directly into my swimming pool? No, the tablets are not designed to be thrown in, they must be placed in a sealed/covered area, such as a floating dispenser or skimmer basket.

How can i tell these are multifunctional? These tablets contain small blue particles, which are the clarifiers contained within the tablet itself, this is the only visible way of seeing their multifunctional charateristics. 

Are these ok for my hot tub? We do not reccomend these for hot tubs due to the size of the tablet. Also, the use of stabiliser is not needed in hot tubs as they are not open to the sun most of the time.

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