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2 Bottles Swirl Away Twin Pack

2 Bottles of Swirl Away: Swirl Away Pipe cleaner is used to clean all plumbing lines in your Hot Tub / Spa. Perfect for use at every water change. Great for use with Aquagarde, Bromine and Chlorine.

The original Hot Tub, whirlpool bath and Spa Pool & Pipe cleaner - Don't be fooled by cheap copies: Cleans where you cant see!

FAQ's regarding this product...

Will this work for my whirlpool bath?
Yes, in the same way as a hot tub, simply follow the instructions on the bottle.

How do I remove the debris that is cleared by this product?
You will need to drain your hot tub to remove the debris cleared from the pipes.

Is this specifically designed for hot tubs?
Yes, we have used it for servicing for over 10 years and it is the original spa pipe cleaner.

Is there a specific way to apply the cleaner ?
Yes, ensure air controls are off, turn on the pumps, pour in and allow for circulation.

Excellent, very quick response.. arrived the next day ...

Rated by peter stokes

Brilliant product does what it says on the bottle. Forgot to use it once really noticed. Loads of black bits ...

Rated by Amanda Prior

Does what it says on the tin (bottle) quick delivery, well packaged, good job ...

Rated by Alister Jackson

The new water was sweeter from the start after clearing the pipes - we often wondered why the mustiness lingered ...

Rated by Chris Mason