Happy Hot Tubs - the best for your hot tub

These Spa Bombzz from Spazazz are specifically designed to throw into your hot tub water for instant aroma.

Each bomb is safe for use in hot tubs and will not disrupt water chemistry. Each bombs weighs 2.5oz. 1 bomb per purchase. 

Flavours Available:

  • Honey - Pure Love!

  • Coconut - Anytime Esacape!

  • Mentha - Cool Lush!

  • Lavender - Sweet Dreams!

  • Citrus - Electric Sunshine!

  • Sugar - Tasty Cozy!

The product comes double wrapped and sealed to prevent moisture damage.


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A nice product which smelt nice and left the water fresh. ...

Rated by Max Lowenstein

Don't know what to say with this one expected an explosion but a steady stream of bubbles which is clever ...

Rated by Adrian Dale