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Pur\' O Spa (Non-Chlorine Shock Tablets)

These new and innovative Pur O Spa tablets work alongside your Aquagarde system to assist with water clarity in your hot tub. As a non-chlorine based shock treatment, these tabets do not affect the chemical-free Aquagarde system, they simply assist with water clarity and ensure your hot tub water stays sparkling clean. Energize is a powerful oxygen based waster treatment.

Suitable for spas and above ground pools.

Simply, add 2 tablets to your spa water at the same time you apply AquaGarde.

10 Tablets in each tube. 226g Tube.

We also sell a 4 pack, see our shop.

The tablets do work and used every two weeks when spa has had a lot of use. Prefer these to ...

Rated by Carol Lloyd

My first purchase with HappyHotTubs has been easy with a very speedy delivery. Fantastic! Viewing the website, there seems to be ...

Rated by Pamela Lane-Frost

Great product which is in tablet form so is really easy to use! ...

Rated by James Donnelly