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Happy Waterline Cleaner - 500ml Spray


Happy Hot Tub Waterline and surface Cleaner is specifically formulated to remove all types of grease and fatty oils from your hot tub surface and waterline area

Prolong the life of your Hot Tub Shell with a clean of this product at every water change .

It will not effect your spa water when used on the waterline of a working Hot Tub . 

Why not consider using a Tub Scrubber along with the spray for excellent results. 

Direction For Use


Before use it is recommended to test a small area of your hot tub for suitability. Spray over the area you want to clean and gently rub the effected area.

Very good product, I have been using this to clean all of the tub above the waterline. Highly recommended. ...

Rated by Simon Spall

Good product, good service and very quick. Definitely using again ! ...

Rated by Peter Baldwin

A fantastic product. Made cleaning the unsightly natural "tide mark" around the tub so easy to remove! Happy Hot Tubs are ...

Rated by Ian Bovey

Very good product. It cleans really well and leaves a nice shiny surface. ...

Rated by Amanda Prior