Happy Hot Tubs - the best for your hot tub
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I have not used the product yet but it was delivered on time and well packed.

Rated by William Aspinall

Not had any pump issues since using this product. Good value compared to other products on the market. Does what is required!

Rated by John Cripps

It does what it says on the tin I assume butit is much more difficut to "see" what it is doing.

Rated by Graham Fever

Great item - does what it says on the label. Customer service great as 2 bottles ordered and only 1 arrived - next day delivery for the forgotton bottle - no hassle.

Rated by Sarah Brooker

Good product and good service. Happy hot tubs are very efficient and a great advantage with free delivery.

Rated by Anne Shaw

I am very happy with his product as I can't see any scale build up a n my jets from a cap full a week

Rated by Kevin Berry
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