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Happy Leak Seal Spa Sealer to Fix Hot Tub Pipework

Happy Leak Seal  450ml

Happy Leak Seal is a concentrated formulation to seal minors leaks in spas and hot tubs. It can be used in leaks found in either the shell or internal plumbing system.

Your one shot dose - Fixes most minor leaks in spas and hot tubs

Product Information

  • Use 225mls per 2000 litres of water (half a bottle is usually fine for most hot tubs)
  • Fast acting - usually stops most minor leaks in 48 hours
  • Filters must be removed prior to application
  • Hot tub pumps must be operated to ensure product remains suspended in water
  • After the leak has stopped it is recommended that the spa be fully drained and left empty for 48 hours to cure
  • Larger leaks may require a plumbing repair

Full instructions provided on bottle.  

<p> Worked a treat. Thought I would try this before calling out a hot tub specialist and it has worked perfectly. ...

Rated by Colin Wright