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1 Litre Happy Hot Tub No Foam

Happy No Foam silicone based anti foam has been specifically formulated for hot tubs to remove surface foaming.

Happy No Foam will remove hot tub foam which is built up from such products like sun cream, fake tan, oils and many cosmetics.  


Why is foam building up on my spa water surface? - It is because of the entry of soaps, shampoos and detergents into the spa water, through human use.

Is No Foam a long term solution for spa water foaming ? - No, It will simply eliminate the foam in the short term, but in the long term, showering before hot tub use is recommended. 

Does this product affect my water chemistry ? - No, Spa no foam is a neutral chemical and will not affect chlorine or bromine level. 

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"Does what it says on the tin" Happy Hot Tubs quality products. ...

Rated by Rose Stevens

First class product works very very well low priced and quickly delivered ...

Rated by Robert Burnage

Great product and stops the foam. Does what it says on the tin! ...

Rated by Paul Barratt

Great product for keeping foam at bay! A must for all hottub users ...

Rated by Trevor Howell