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Chlorine Granules 1 x 5kg

1 x 5kg of Fast Dissolving, Stabilised Chlorine Granules

Happy Hot Tubs' Stabilised Chlorine Granules 55% are used for the disinfection of spa, swimming pool and paddling pool water. They are rapid dissolving and have minimal affect on pH levels. Ideal for daily dosing of your spa or swimming pool. Contains stabiliser to protect against chlorine loss  due to sunlight.

  • Suitable for spas or pools
  • High quality 55% concentration
  • Rapid dissolving
  • Designed for minimal affect on pH level
  • Ideal for daily dosing
  • Stablilised to protect against chlorine loss due to sunlight 

FAQ's regarding this product...

Does chlorine make your eyes sting ? 
No, having an incorrect pH level causes eye sting and skin irritation.

Can I sprinkle the granules directly into my spa water ? 
Yes as the water is warm and a spa has a smaller volume than a pool the granules will dissolve when applied directly to the spa water.  Simply turn your spa pumps on, sprinkle in and let it circulate to dissolve evenly.  However with pools we recommend you pre-dissolve in a clean plastic bucket filled with pool water.

Will this chlorine damage my spa cover ? 
No, but you should ensure your spa cover is left off for 10 mins after dosing to prevent any deterioration.

How do I measure the amount of chlorine in my spa ? 
By using chlorine test strips. Our range of chlorine test strips can be viewed by clicking here.


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