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AquaSparkle Instant Filter Cleaner 500ml - 6 PACK

6 pack - Instant Filter Cleaner 500ml

This Instant filter cleaner quickly removes oils, minerals and debris from pool and hot tub cartridges.Use instant filter cleaner as part of the regular cleaning routine. A unique 'no soak' formula minimises cleaning and down time on your pool or spa .

Use on a fortnightly basis or more frequently if your pool/spa has heavy usage. Just spray your filters, wait 15 minutes and rinse off (full instructions on container)

If you need new filters contact us now or look in the shop.

Good product. Cleans the filters well. Good price. ...

Rated by Simon Woolley

This is the best product for a speedy and safe hot tub turnaround between guests. It makes short work of the ...

Rated by Diane Board

Having tried various filter cleaners, I prefer Aquasparkle instant as a weekly or 2-weekly clean depending on HT usage with ...

Rated by Ian Jones
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