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Aquagarde - 4 pack

4 PACK of Aquagarde (6 Months Supply)

Perfect water carries the fresh scent of a mountain stream and it should leave your skin feeling soft and renewed. This is what AquaGarde delivers - safe, simple and pure soft water.

Until now using and maintaining water in a hot tub has been a complex and worrisome science of daily chemical adjustment, testing for pH and alkalinity balance, minimising water solids and foam build up. All in all an difficult, complicated and daunting procedure for those of us that simply wish to enjoy the hot soothing water of a happy hot tub. You do not need a master class in chemical treatments to use Aquagarde.

AquaGarde has introduced a revolutionary and unmistakable simplicity to provide you with a chemical free system using only ONE CUP PER WEEK.( 1/2 a dose twice a week is recommended). A simple system that results in soft, luxurious clean water with a seductive feel.

Aquagarde is perfect for your spa, hot tub or jacuzzi, If you are switching from chlorine or bromine simply drain down your hot tub using our submersible pump and clean the pipes using swirl away. Also clean your filters making sure that the chlorine has been totally removed from your spa, then you are free to fill up and start using Aquagarde.

3 Tubes of Pur' O Spa are included with every bottle and one tablet should be put in your skimmer every time you add Aquagarde , or 2 if you do it weekly.

When there is heavy usage add Non Chlorine shock and in extreme circumstances you may need to change the water.

1 BOTTLE = 3 MONTHS SUPPLY! (approx)