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AquaChek Bromine 4 Way Test Strips

50 x 4 Way Aquachek Luxury Bromine Test Strips

One Dip To Test.

Bromine Test Strips Test:
PH - An ideal PH level ranging from 7.2 - 7.6 keeps the water from causing corrosion or scaling.
Total Bromine - An Ideal level of Total Bromine keeps the water sparkling clean.
Total Alkalinity-keeping this correct will stop sudden PH changes.
Total Hardness - A Proper Hardness Level Keeps Water From Causing Corrosion or Scaling.

There are 50 Test strips in the container.

Three Easy Steps...(1)Dip and remove strip (2) Wait 15 Seconds (3) Compare Pads to colour chart on bottle, EASY !

Excellent product as it measures bromine rather than chlorine. Easy to use. ...

Rated by Trevor Higgins

Thanks to happy hot tubs for addressing their mistake when I first ordered bromine strips. After an email to them ...

Rated by Jo Pocklington