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AquaChek 6-Way Test Strips

50 x 6 Way Aquachek Luxury Chlorine Test Strips

One Dip To Test.

6-Way Test Strips Test: 

  • Total Chlorine
  • Total Bromine
  • PH - A proper PH level keeps the water from causing corrosion or scaling.
  • Free Chlorine - An Ideal level of Free Chlorine keeps the water sparkling clean.
  • Total Alkalinity- keeping this level correct prevents sudden PH changes.
  • Total Hardness. Testing the hardness of your pool/spa water.

There are 50 Test strips in the container.

Three Easy Steps...(1)Dip and remove strip (2) Wait 15 Seconds (3) Compare Pads to colour chart on bottle, EASY !

Now with Flip-Cap Strip Dispenser !

Aquachek Strips are as accurate as liquid kits but faster and easier to use, produced in a facility that makes test strips for the medical industry under strict ISO 9001 guidelines, Aquachek are the world #1 brand of pool and spa test strips.

Water Treatment charts enclosed within the strips.

Very straight forward. Easy to read and accurate. I have compared these to another brand ( more expensive) and they give ...

Rated by Peter Rendle

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Rated by Nick Buckley

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Rated by Robert Burnage

Great product, delivered very quickly. Will use again ...

Rated by David Healey