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20g Chlorine Tablets (20kg)

20kg Chlorine Tablets 20g

Use the mini chlorine tablets to control bacteria and algae in your pool or spa. These high performance chlorine tablets can be placed in your Skimmer or In a floating Dispenser, which we sell In our Shop

Never place directly into your spa or pool as severe Bleaching/Staining may occur. Adjust the PH level to the ideal range of 7.2 - 7.6 before use.

Handling And Storage

Handle Products in a well ventilated area

Wash hands after use

Ensure they do not become damp and store in a dry place

Label may say Happyhottubs on this product, all goods are manufactured by CPC Brands, Blue Horizons or Aquasparkle.

FAQ's regarding this product....

How many tablets can I fit in my dispenser?
A dispenser has a full capacity of about 7 small 20g tablets however we recommend keeping the dispenser topped up with with 3 or 4 tablets.

Are these better than granules ?
It is an easier way to keep a pool/spa chlorinated however it is less accurate than manually putting in granules when required.